Fish processing machine fish cleaning equipment


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Automatic fish cleaning machine

Model: SY-800 Fish Killer

Weight: 140 kg

Total power: 1.5KW

Main motor power: 1.5kW/1P

Voltage: 220V

Size: 555 * long, 555 * wide, 750 * high

The weight of 0.25Kg-3.5Kg can be slaughtered and the fish can be killed continuously.

This equipment brings higher work efficiency for fish food processing plants, large supermarkets, seafood markets, agricultural markets, etc. The equipment is made of stainless steel, and the internal transmission devices are all driven by stainless steel chains, which can reduce the change of output torque when running under high load. The water-involved parts of the machine are made of stainless steel to prevent rust and corrosion caused by long-term use. This machine is suitable for fish: silver carp, silver carp, grass carp, carp and crucian carp.

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Name Description
Brand Name shenghui
Material 304 stainless steel
Dimension 555*555*750mm
Model Number fish machine
Payment Method T/T
Delivery Method about 3 to 5 days

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Joyce Yang - Myanmar Marketplace

Joyce Yang
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No.42A, Yingbing Street, High-tech area,Zhaoqing City, Guangdong province, China

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Fish processing machine fish cleaning equipment

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