Large-scale meat processing equipment fresh meat slicer meat cutter


USD 6,450


Electric fresh meat cutting machine meat dicer slice meat machine

Model: Fresh meat slicer / meat cutting machine / QT-400K

Power supply: 380V

Total power: 0.75KW

Machine size: 2000 × 880 × 1250 (mm)

Feed port size: 340 × 300 (mm)

Cutting thickness: 3mm-50mm

Blade diameter: 190mm

Output: 800KG / HR

Machine weight: 100KG

It is suitable for precision cutting of refrigerated meat without bone, fresh meat and air-dried meat. It can also cut pork, pork neck and other products with more brittle bones. It is widely used in the processing of raw meat such as snowflake chicken fillet and chicken popcorn.
Product features: The body adopts excellent 304 food grade materials, and there are no obstacles to food safety; high working efficiency, it can cut 50 (7mm standard raw meat including crisp bones) blades at a time, sharp blades, special heat treatment, fast speed, cutting ability Strong and durable; the whole machine is waterproof and can be washed directly with water; the knife group is easy to disassemble, and the knife group of different specifications can be replaced within 3 minutes to meet the cutting requirements of different width food materials; good stability, stable operation of the machine, low noise, and failure rate Low, can meet the diverse needs of customers. The two are connected into a small assembly line to realize the function of cutting.

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Large-scale meat processing equipment fresh meat slicer meat cutter

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