Portable Solar Generator for sale


USD 100


Portable Solar Generator for sale

Price is only 100$

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Office address: Room 701,Building A1. Bo Min Yaung Housing. Bo Min Yaung Street. 42 wards. North Dagon Township. Yangon. Myanmar.

This is a low cost all-in-one solution generator for the electrical devices, appliances, lights and more going for longer when the electricity cut off. It is very good generator, if you have the right expectations.If your looking for something to run your WiFi, electric fun, laptop,phone,TV,light, computer, any devices starting and running power less than 300W, this is the right product for you.And it is very easy to recharge, easy to use and easy to carry. It is also very quiet.

Besides, Compact portable generator can provide USB, DC and AC output. It’s not only made for emergencies backup power at home, but also very useful for camping, or wherever you need power when you are on the going. Actually it is right product for all the people who stay in Myanmar.

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Name Description
Brand Name Senior Power
Color Black
Dimension 178mm*128mm*138mm
Model Number S-501
Payment Method Cash, Ture Money
Delivery Method Free
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Office address: Room 701, Building A1, Bo Min Yaung Housing, Bo Min Yaung Street, 42 wards, North Dagon Township, Yangon, Myanmar.

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Portable Solar Generator for sale

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